Allo + Playback USB-XIII + MPD5 - White Noise on DSD


I have the Allo USBridge connected to a Playback Designs USB-XIII which is connected to a Playback Designs MPD-5 DAC.

With Native DSD selected I get white noise / static when playing DSD Files. It works fine with DOP.

Is there a workaround to this?


Very nice DAC. I’m a huge fan of the PD gear.

Should be able to play Native DSD:

I think Allo MAY be able to try to see if Native DSD can be patched but you would need to ssh into the USBridge.

I’ll tag them here because I’m not an expert on the procedure @rahulkc_s

And are you able to change DoP to Native DSD in your Zone’s device settings?

Under ‘DSD playback strategy’?

Thanks for the link.
How do I implement this patch? I have very little knowledge of Linux but do know how to SSH.
Is there a guide I can follow?

I am able to select Native in Roon but this gives static and noise. DOP works fine.


If dop works why do you want native dsd?

From what I understand ‘native’ sounds better than ‘DOP’?
Or am I wrong?

Hi it would be for Allo to patch, not you. I already tagged Rahul from Allo, so just need to wait.

But since you can already select Native DSD, I’m thinking it’s already patched into the kernel, so I’m not sure.

Hopefully some others can jump in to help.

The sound completely the same. Dop does not mean converting to pcm it piggy backs dsd over pcm packets which are then unpacked on the DAC side. So it is just the means of transport the data is the same.

They should sound the same. But the reality is that how they should or shouldn’t sound is not the point. We think it should be working DSD direct and it isn’t so it is not unreasonable to explore why, no matter how they might sound!

The used Linux kernel does not know that the device supports native dsd and has to be patched to be made aware of it. This requires a rebuild of the kernel as well which more or less means that the vendor has to do this.

@Henry_McLeod - Yes, I agree and hence would like to know what the issue is.

@Maru It does allow me to choose "native’ which was the default setting.

I wrote to Playback and their response is as under:

"There is a bug in Linux and ALSA that can cause a problem with our converters. It has been fixed a few months ago and it is therefore that you use the latest kernel and ALSA version that has this bug fix incorporated. Here is the link to the bug fix:

This patch needs to be incorporated in the Linux kernel you are using."

@rahulkc_s Could you please look into this?

I’ll tag DietPi’s @Dan_Knight also

I’ve sent an email to Allo regarding the requested kernel patch. As, we no longer maintain custom kernels, only those provided by the manufacture.

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@dabassgoesboomboom @Dan_Knight

Thank you!

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No problem. I hope it gets resolved.

I was very close to getting a Playback Designs USB-XIII + Merlot DAC.

The Merlot DAC/Amp driving my headphones directly was one of the best things I’ve ever heard!

I still may go that route one day so will keep an eye on this progress.

Have had the MPD-5 for several years. Been using it with a M2Tech Hiface device.

Recently added the USB-XIII - huge step up - totally transformed the DAC.

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No question. You can’t beat high speed optical isolation and the way they’ve done it is the real deal.

I’m jealous :wink:

Thank you for your feedback.

applied the patches and updated driver available on below link.

Thank you. Will test and report.

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