Allo Reclocker, DAC & Amp for Raspberry Pi

What is your opinion about sound differences between piano DAC 2.0 vs. 2.1 (in 2.0 mode).
I’m owner of Kali + Piano 2.0 and is nice sounding couple. Is it Piano 2.1 better (in pure stereo mode with one chip per channel).


For memory it’s one chip for the top outputs and one for the bass/sub outs

hi guys,

So this is what we mention on our site

Piano can work as a 2.0 (all frequencies are passed to LR) as a 2.2 (xover frequency is chosen in GUI) and subwoofer has 2 outputs or as a 2.1 (same as 2.2 but subwoofer is mono).

2.0 mode all frequency passes through 1st chip , 2nd Chip muted
2.1 mode - 1st chip act as high pass filter , passes L&R audio out. 2nd Chip act as low pass filter , subwoofer mono mode. no output on subwoofer right.
2.1 and 2.2 uses 2 chips.

So best sound quality comes form 2.1 and 2.2 (compared to 2.0)



I didn’t really test high/low pass filtering done in Allo Piano 2.1, as driver wasn’t available (not sure it this is developed by now, but guys should be working on it) in DietPi. Other distributions proposed by Allo with Piano 2.1 driver are not functional solutions for Roon.

However, I already shared my test results on basic Allo Piano vs. Allo Piano 2.1.

The chips are different and Allo Piano 2.1 in even full range 2.0 mode it is much better sounding than basic Allo Piano.

So this this question: “Is it Piano 2.1 better (in pure stereo mode with one chip per channel).” - answer is YES


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Hm… tempting. But, Piano 2.1 ss about 75$ (with shipping) . I also doubt that I can sell my current Piano 2.0.

@ALLO_audio_boards Andre, someone in another thread here was asking about mono full range DAC outputs (he is deaf in one ear) maybe this can also be a consideration if its doable for the sub outs too.

Hi Dusko,
so we have 2 products.

PIANO (2 RCA, no subwoofer)
PIANO 2.1 (4 RCA which works in 3 modes 2.0/2.1/2.2)

so you have a PIANO and considering a PIANO 2.1.
there is already a 10% coupon code I offered ROON members… and maybe we can sell your PIANO here, not everyone has subwoofer and the PIANO has the headphone jack!

let me know!

While Piano 2.1 has somehow better DAC chip and audio quality, the Piano basic has intergrated very high quality headphone AMP.

I love and use them both.

Actually my personal ideal product would be Piano DAC with chip as in 2.1, headphone AMP, and no xover for sub.

Honestly, I don’t see much need for xover to be done in DAC.


hi and thanks but our DAC can not do mono L & R at this time… wish I could have helped.

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@Janis, Could you describe where you got the cable that goes from the Allo CM into the Volt amp? Did you make it yourself? Also any recommendations on where to get a 19V psu?

CM to AMP connection cable comes with CM.
PSU for AMP I used you see above in this thread.
PSU for Khali I purchased from Allo.

My Vana setup should arrive in 36-48 hours. I’ll be hoping it’s pretty much plug it in and go but I’ll do an unboxing and a short how to I hope. Have a piano 2.1 and kali also coming that I’m farming out for another test with on a RPi setup

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Great to hear!
My Allo experience was really plug and play 10 min! :slight_smile:
Comparing to nightmare of two different Audiophonics DACs where first was a week to get up and running, and second was broken plus it doesn’t function by design with Roon…

If no Allo driver available in your RPI distribution, I found IQaudIO giving the best result with Piano DAC.


Sadly my Vana rig and the Kali and Piano 2.1 are not getting here for another 12-15hours but in the meantime…

How does one config the Kali now that the DietPi 141 has the Piano (and IQAudio mute issues sorted - thanks Dan) and for that matter the Volt+ boards to be working?

Im going to try the Sparky anyway but also want to test with DietPi on my RPi-3 @Dan_Knight

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All you’ll need to do is enable the Allo Piano soundcard:
dietpi-config > Audio Options > Sound Card

DietPi sets up the required dtoverlays and everything else automatically. After a reboot, Kali, Piano and volt will be fully functional.

Sadly my Vana rig and the Kali and Piano 2.1 are not getting here for another 12-15hours but in the meantime…

Its going to be a loooooong night lol :smiley:. But trust me, its worth the wait :slight_smile:

Awesome…that with the 384 kernel updates and I’ll be a happy camper…

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The Kali supports 192khz max (as per online doc, may need to confirm with @ALLO_audio_boards.
Both Allo Piano’s support 384khz output, but i’am not sure what effect the reclocker would have on the output.

Testing required I think :slight_smile:

hey guys,
we used to have 2 KALI models in the past
1 that had 22/24Mhz xtals and we used to sell only with our SPARKY SBC that can only support up to 192khz
and another that has 44/48Mhz xtals that can go up to 384Khz.

we stopped manufacturing the 22/24Mhz and now only offer 1 KALI model the 44/48Mhz xtal one that can go up to 385khz.

seems like on the site the description got mixed.
you can read folks on other forums that are playing at 384khz sample rate with KALI and RPI


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I can confirm it plays on DietPi 384 like a charm! :slight_smile:

Hope, DSD will come also one day…


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Great now if the fedex routing could just get from india to Singapore faster than via Dubai and now France …next will be Canada I fear then I might stand some chance of getting this working…in the meantime I try with the iqaudio digiamp I have.

EDIT the post man just came with my IQAudio that Gordon shipped before xmas…so at least I have some things to play with while I wait.