Allo Shanti Power Supply

Anyone maybe tested with a digione signature? On the forums, it collects positive reviews when it comes to comparison with batteries on the clean side of the digione signature and the Allo Usbridge Sign.

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I was using EBL 18650 lithium Rechargeable Batteries 3000mAh 3.7V for the “clean” side of my DigiOne Signature before buying the Allo Shanti LPS. Through Meridian DSP5200SE speakers, the Shanti sounds at least as good to me.

I do not expect a spectacular improvement in SQ from this power supply. I expect the SQ to be at the same level as when running on a clean side with batteries LiFePO4.

The specs are phenomenal.

I have one worry, which is electromagnetic disturbance to other stuff. My guess would be that like any power supply, it’s probably be a good idea to keep it as far away as possible from anything sensitive or antenna-like (say, from speaker cables… see this, starting at around 7:05, for an example. I’m not implying at all that the results would be the same, but if I’m not mistaken, the DAC 1 certified in the same CE class as the Shanti).

Interesting :slight_smile: I have to organize the cables.

Some time has passed. Maybe a new happy user has appeared allo shanti?

Hi Mr Salieri,
I had the Allo Digione Signature on a Allo USBridge Signature + Allo Shanti.
I can compare the Shanti LPS to 2# TeraDak U9 X2 LPS = 5V into the DigiSig & USBSig. I went with TeraDak LPSs as I could not hear a big enough difference from Batteries.

The Shanti is an improvement over 2# TeraDak LPS. Its not big but it is there. On balance the extra cost of 1# Shanti is (arguably) worth the cost of 2# TeraDak U9 X2 LPS.

I bought shanti. It’s great. I’m very happy. A clear improvement in SQ.

I’ve changed most of my dc cables over to star quad cables now

Better than batteries?

I don’t hear any difference between Shanti and iPower. Both sound just fine to me.