Allo Sparky or Odroid C1?

Hi All, As I have detailed ad nauseum in another thread I am having issues with my RPI3 playing nice via USB with my SMSL M8 DAC probably due to Ethernet/USB shared bus issues. I am therefore looking at other (low cost) Linux SBC that don’t share this issue. I am looking for Armv7 / Diet Pi compatibility for ease of Roon bridge installation as I am not very technically minded.

So the question is : Allo Sparky or Odroid C1 ? (C2 seems problematic in setting up)

Any thoughts / opinions / experiences welcome

I was trying both the RPi3B and the Allo Sparky side by side with DietPi as per your initial issue and using DSD128 upsampling to USB R2R DAC ( )with both via Ethernet with no issues what so ever…I don’t have a C2 to play with but only because I have not ordered one as I have enough SBC’s in my house right now.

Personally I think either are fine, but I can’t vouch for the possibly damaged/faulty RPi3 you might have, or if its something else in the chain.

In my testing of both RPi/Sparky both work flawlessly. The Sparky is probably the better of the 2 I have from a spec point of view but I can comment on the Sparky vrs C2 as I have not compared either together.

Thanks - the issue could be anything, but given the fact that I can buy another board for the price or new cables, powered hubs or other troubleshooting ideas, I may as well… Looks like it might be a Sparky

Made in India is almost local for me…mind you Korea is in the region too

DietPi works perfectly well on a C2 and installs the appropriate version of Roon Bridge based on the SOC’s architecture, so armv7h or armv8 boards won’t present a problem with dietpi.