Allo Sparky USBridge DietPi + Allo Gui dissapeared

Hello All,
I’ve received last week by mail Allo’s USBridge , it was easy to set up using the Allo Gui and got Roon singing really quick.
That same day, going through the admin page I saw that an update was pending and clicked for it. I don’t know what happened, it took forever and when I rebooted it did not work anymore.

USBridge does boot to Debian/DietPi but no trace of the Allo GUI. All the directories Allo/DietPi appeared to be empty.

I’m not literate in Linux, haven’t used it for too many years, and I don’t know how to recover the unit.

I’ve flashed to a USB drive and rebooted without any luck.

Can anyone help? Is there any command line sequence I can use to restore?
Thanks in advance

you need to flash the Image to Micro SD card or to eMMC.
use with Etcher image burning tool

I had been using the Allo GUI with USBridge, but always used Dietpi-update for new releases. After the last Dietpi update, my USBridge would no longer drive my Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital DAC. I wound up flashing the MMC card with the non GUI Dietpi image and things work OK now. I have had no problems with the GUI on my two Raspberry Pi devices using DigiOne and Boss DAC.

Thank You for the help.
Yesterday I tried 2 approaches using Etcher:

  • Flash a Thumb drive with the DietPi_SparkySBC-ARMv7-Stretch_AlloGUI image and insert it on the SBC. Remove the eMMC card and reboot. SBC did not boot.
  • Make an image of the eMMC and keep it safe in my Mac, flash the eMMC with the same DietPi_Sparky_AlloGUI, re-install the eMMC and reboot. SBC did not boot.

Do you have a link to an “Allo” copy of DietPi+AlloGUI that I can flash? Maybe I’m using the wrong one.
Any ideas on other solutions? :thinking:

Hi @Juan_Antunes

I was unable to replicate the issue you are experiencing with the current batch of images:

The only thing I can suggest is try:

If problems persist, they may be a hardware related issue with current setup (PSU/board/eMMC). In which case you’ll need to contact Allo for support.

Hi Dan, many thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
I managed to flash plain DietPi (w/out Allo) to the eMMC. I configured it and then installed package 159 (Allo GUI). After the package install it entered in an endless loop.
I re-installed DietPi, configured it with just Roon Bridge and it is up and running :joy:
Forget the Allo GUI :stuck_out_tongue: