Allo usbbridge help

Hi I just got my usb bridge today and looking to set it up. Which usbs do I use as there are 2 at the front and a usb3 at the side. Came with no instructions so I’m in the dark here. Anything else I need to do I hear there is some jumper to change for power, I am only using the one PSU for it. Any help appreciated.

You can find the manuals here:

If you are using one PSU, you can leave the J28 jumper in place – no need to remove it.

As for USB: you’ll want to use the single one at the bottom of the unit.

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Great manuals for Allo products on their web site. I am just saying.

You can actually use any of the USBs but the one you want to use is the one (and there is only one) on the USB Bridge board. The others are actually on the Sparky.

Thanks all. All up and running. The sound is different to my old Pi with Hifiberry Digi Pro. Verdicts out on if I prefer it as did not have long enough listening yet as I was tweaking and adding software.

What power are you guys using. I had orderd a LPS from China to run my pi’s before I decided to get the bridge as it has two usb and a DC out all at 5v 2.5a but looking at the Allo it’s require 3a so I guess I won’t be able to use it with it when it arrives? I read some have had issues with 2.5a supplies like that ifi.

Kewl! Let me know if you get USB2 working and what DAC. It never has for me with any DAC (only USB1 mode, which doesn’t support higher than 96K bitrate). I’m just curious; and frustrated.

I have the Allo USBridge working today with the iFi 5V power supply. It works just fine. I use the dedicated USB out to an Audiquest DragonFly Red and have had zero issues Since the day I installed it. Works just fine.

Yep works fine on my irDac iI had the max my DAC can do at 384kh yesterday and DSD64 over DoP

That’s great I might just use two PSUs then until my new LPS arrives.

Belt and suspenders.