Allo USBridge board

(SoulEye) #1392

The Usbridge comes with Roon preinstalled. Just plug to the network and you’ll be rocking in 2 mins.

(Angel Catala) #1393

I guess you are talking about attaching the USBridge to a single DAC and then play either through NAA or RoonBridge, of course, not both at a time.

If this is your idea: You can but you should not.

You can read the last paragraph from Roon Knowledge Base: HQPlayer Setup


I tested it with Raspberry Pi3 and Hifiberry with dietpi. It works fine. HQPlayer runs on a Windows PC and has the dietpi as NAA configured. roon bridge is also configured on the dietpi but not used when using the HQPlayer.

(Vincent Kennedy) #1395

@RanjanDash - Yes, you should be fine with either an Allo USBridge (USB output to DAC) or the Allo DigiOne’s (S/PDIF), I believe there’s three models of the DigiOne. They are both quite good. If you want a step-up in sound quality you could consider a Sonore microRendu (USB output to DAC).

Enjoy and welcome to the party!

(Mr Fix It ) #1396

@RanjanDash or you could use a RPi with a DAC hat and RCA/XLR output to drive the tune headphone amp … orchard audio have a new one coming out. Others like IQAudio and Allo also have line level output DAC’s

(Ranjan Dash) #1397

Thanks all for the suggestions. I would need to completely separate the headphone path as my Qutest has only one pair of rca out that goes to main amp. Hence I would need an Usbridge/Rpi with a dac hat. Rendu would be too expensive with custom charges to Germany.

What would you suggest - a rpi 3b+ with dac hat or complete allo setup with sparky and a dac hat? And what would be your recommendations on a good quality dac hat from allo?

(Fernando Pereira) #1398

This might interest you, a Roon-able streamer/DAC available in Europe:

(Derek Morais) #1399

I would go with the DigiOne if I were you

(Angel Catala) #1400

Nice choice, indeed, @Derek_Morais

(Scott Houston) #1401

Ain’t that the truth; except I’ve lost the eMMC / USB adapter, so have to flash a microSD card, plug that in, then flash the eMMC … if I cut off my hands, then I could never type "SSH … "

(Fernando Pereira) #1402

He needs a DAC too, not just a streamer.


I just got my USBridge. With my Raspberry Pi I could get all DSD and PCM Rates my DAC has (Questyle CMA400i) withe the Allo i don’t get DSD and only PCM up to 96khz. What am I doing wrong?


It’s connecting in USB 1, and not USB 2.

Make sure you’re plugged into the bottom USB port of the USBridge, make sure the cable is good and not some audiophile snakeoil that might not be standards compliant, try updating and rebooting everything, and also having a look if there’s a way to force USB 2 on your DAC.

Another possibility if it was working over USB (and not through a SPDIF HAT) with a Raspberry (which system were you using there, by the way ?) could be lack of driver support due to an antiquated version of Linux thanks to the company that built the boards for not giving a hoot. If that is the issue, the only thing you can do is send the USBridge back and yell at @ALLO_audio_boards (though it isn’t entirely their fault).


OK, now it’s working but the native DSD Option is not there. I have only DSD over PCM or Convert to PCM.


Most likely culprit for that is “USBridge running deprecated Linux”. Try asking what’s going on, they wrote patches to get around those types of issues, so trying those might help.


Ok. I will ask them. Anyone has reboot problems like me? I tried the reboot the USBRIDGE with the Web gui but the audio interfaces did not come back but i was able to connect via ssh. if i type in reboot the sparky did the reboot but still…the interfaces don’t come back online.


Next issue. If i turn off the dac and turn it back again its not recognized. :frowning:
Do this happen when seperating the power supply?

(bevan court) #1409

I had this issue too, one if the reasons I went back to the RPi.


Thats not the best solution. :frowning: any comment on that?


Do you have it plugged into a screen so you can see what’s going on?