Allo USBridge + Denafrips Pontus (Amanero) and DSD256

Hello everybody,
I’m a new (happy) owner of Allo USBridge. The device works very well but I discover only now that I own it that with my Denafrips Pontus (Amanero) it supports only DoP (no problem with it) and most important DSD128. Before that I used Roon with DSD256 upsampling and maybe native DSD
Is there a way to use USBridge and my Pontus with DSD256?

Thank you in advance and bye

Same problem with my Brooklyn DAC and Usbridge. Received the answer below from Mytek that might give you some hints if you use Dietpi:

“DietPi is running currently kernel v4.14 witch is fine for DSD 64 and 128 DoP. In kernel 4.18.3 there is implemented native DSD so when updated kernel for DietPi will be available you will be able to run DSD256”.
_DSD256 will work on Windows based computer".

Sorry for my Linux ignorance but so is it a problem regarding DietPi and not Amanero/Pontus drivers?

It’s very likely. if your DAC support Native DSD 256 you won’t be able to do so if you use Dietpi. You could find out by connecting your DAC directly to a Windows endpoint running Roonbridge.