Allo usbridge, dietpi, denafrips ares..... music is fast and sounds like the chipmunks, please help

I have an allo usbridge running dietpi, and a denafrips ares, running roon. The denafrips dac alone works fine, but when I use the allo usbridge the music is fast and everything sounds like the chipmunks. please help

Are you using dsp upsampling? Maybe the rate is too high

Ok I have the new Ares II, plugged directly into my Mac mini running Roon, it just plain works, no issues, no settings required, literally plug n play…

But my Mac mini is not in the room/system that this dac will reside in, in the room it will reside in I have a Allo USBridge…

Here is where things get weird… w USBridge music sounds fast like the chipmunks in any setting in Roon UNLESS… I have Roon upsample to dsd512, doing that is the only way at this moment that The music is normal speed and clear… which is weird considering plugged directly into the Mac no settings or upsampling required…

And that is what I just don’t understand

Has anyone found out what the issue is? I have a Terminator with the Thesycon driver and I’m having the same issue, ROON Server / HQPe —> NAA --> DAC
Allo says they see everything fine and they are trying to reproduce the issue. The bridge is a really good NAA and would like to be able to use it

Not compatible, got it confirmed (not by allo). Rumor has it that Allo is going to very soon have a new usbridge “signature” that will use raspberry pi instead of the Sparky SBC used in the current usbridge… I’m hoping that will work. In the meantime I just moved my Roon server into my setup and that works directly connected flawlessly