Allo Usbridge Frozen

This unit is just over a year old, updated to the latest version of Dietpi two weeks ago. Unfortunately I had to unplug the device to move some plugs around but all I get when I plug in now is solid red and blue leds’s. No connection to it via SSH.
Any ideas please? Maybe or @rahulkc_s
It feels like it is broken unfortunately.

Also to add…it was getting very warm and smells like something has burnt out or is about to…

Move some plugs around?
Like which plugs?

Can you provide details of board used etc.? Also you might want to visit the Dietpi board its active and can provide some help. Also how long have you been using the SD card?

I think the OS corrupted and not booting ,
did you tried reflashing the OS ?
or re-flash the OS on Micro Sd card

Yes - nothing…just solid lights as soon as I put the power supply in. The lower board gets very hot though and I can feel it through the acrylic cover (just underneath the clean USB output).
I was moving all the mains plugs to tidy things up…just have a nasty feeling the board has died…

Yes i think so , the USBridge board failed.
you can Unplug the USBridge module from sparky and switch on only sparky for the booting.

@rahulkc_s thanks…but why? The unit is effectively dead? Can I replace just the USBridge module?