Allo USBridge Signature Unreachable

Hi Harry,
I sent feedback from Ropieee XL with identifier ba9a8f53371f0f4b. I’m running Ropieee XL on an Allo USBridge Signature. It’s been running fine for a little over a month, but over the past two weeks or so it’s been regularly becoming unreachable in Roon and at Ropieeexl.local. The unit still appears active and lights are blinking at its ethernet connection. The issue resolves if I power cycle the device. Not sure if this is a hardware or software issue, but I thought I’d submit feedback.

@All - Does Ropieee allow users to view logs themselves to troubleshoot?


Hi Bryan,

From the logs everything seems fine, so that’s rather annoying.
Weird that this is happening only recently… did something change in your network config?
Is there a pattern to be discovered in which services you use (Roon vs Airplay vs DLNA vs Spotify).


Hi @spockfish,
Just to close the loop, I reflashed Ropieee XL onto the card for the USBridge Signature and the problem resolved. It hasn’t dropped off since. Not sure what was fixed, but it worked.


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