ALLO-USBridge via wifi..better?

Hello all
Quick question…running ethernet now…wondering if a wifi dongle is better for SQ…anywone now this?
Doesn’t have any problems with noise or anything


Hi Morten

I believe I was the first non-Allo person on planet Earth to have WiFi working with USBridge - just a fun fact. This doesn’t make me more of an expert that anyone else of course.

I believe @oneofmany may have been the 2nd :grin:

From my experience, I had no issues with noise and no other WiFi related issues… USBridge itself has had issues but none related to WiFi use (for me).

The benefit of WiFi with USBridge is more-so a practical thing, being wireless and un-tethered. For example, with a USB powerbank you can have a portable USB DAC/Headphone Amp and wireless USBridge completely un-tethered. That can have good practical benefits in certain listening situations.

If you don’t have a problem with being wired all the time, I would recommend you stay that way. I personally wouldn’t make the change to WiFi just looking for better SQ.

Hope that helps.


Just thought there was an issue with some low noise via cabel…my experience is totally silent when listening, so not an issue here

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No problem at all. No noise for me but maybe others will share if they experienced something different.

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No noise for me either with USBridge connected to Ethernet switch. You can use Wi-Fi if you wish/need but you have to take into account the data rate you need with your playing process. By using Wi-Fi you depend on your environment that can limit the throughput of your channel. Of course, it doesn’t mean that even in a busy environment you can’t get the minimum throughtput in order to play music, it is just a matter of testing.

As @dabassgoesboomboom says, if your final goal is sound quality, I wouldn’t bother.

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That was the only reason I went wireless. I couldn’t afford to get an Ethernet cable run put in through the fireplace, up into the attic, across to the bedroon, down through another brick wall. Eventually I will go fully wired, as I prefer the stability over wireless, every time.
Not that it hasn’t been pretty stable but every so often the USBridge will drop off the network and need to be re-booted. This seems worse since the last DietPi update, but who knows what is causing it.

As for noise, I wouldn’t have a clue really, we have baby monitors running and I have had issues with interference, more specifically the monitor would make an annoying buzz when I was listening to music on my headphone set up that is connected through the wireless USBridge.

I must be really vain, this sounds cool to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I use an USB-ethernet with a iSilencer to a Tenda Wifi box :+1: