Allo USBridge - Web GUI vs non web GUI image - v6.17.12

Hi @Dan_Knight

cc: @rahulkc_s @ALLO_audio_boards

I’ve compared the web GUI vs non web GUI 6.17.12 versions and I seem to have repeatable issues with the latter.

When I install the non web GUI version and update to the latest version, after the reboot I lose on-board ethernet connectivity. When I then use the Allo supplied USB-ethernet adapter, the connection picks up again and it works. On the next reboot the USB-ethernet adapter loses connection so I then switch back to on-board ethernet and it picks up again. It seems to alternate back and forth between on-board ethernet and USB-ethernet adapter working, with each reboot.

Also I can’t get GMRender to work with the non web GUI version with Audirvana. It works fine with the web GUI version though.

Any ideas why these images may be behaving differently, for me? Can you try and reproduce at your end.

Of course, for now, I’ll stick with the working web GUI version, but just curious why they don’t function the same for me.

Cheers in advance

Hi Sean,

The eth switching works as follows:

  • If a USB eth is detected, and onboard is enabled, the onboard is disabled and system rebooted
  • If no USB eth is detected, and, onboard is disabled. Onboard will be enabled and system rebooted.

If you are having issues with the service, once the ethernet adapter you need is enabled, simply disable the service with:

systemctl disable sparky_eth_controller.service

Also I can’t get GMRender to work with the non web GUI version

Lets check the status of the service for any errors:

systemctl status gmrender -l

Thanks Dan! But with the web GUI image, it switches automatically between the two, depending whichever is booted. I don’t need to do anything manually.

I guess my question is why does the non-web GUI need the service to be disabled. But with the web GUI image, it works automatically. The two images behave differently for me, in this regard.

Will do this weekend. I’m running the web GUI version for the moment because everything works nicely. I’ll load the non-web GUI version this weekend to check this gmrender service.

Hi @Dan_Knight

Another question I had - is DietPi for the RPi able to use a UPnP renderer that supports DSD over PCM (DoP)?

Moode Audio on the RPi3 uses Upmpdcli with MPD and this allows DSD over PCM (DoP) in Audirvana to work. Can you get Upmpdcli in DietPi on the RPi 3?

Cheers, Sean.

Hey @Dan_Knight

Sorry to be a bother. Just wondering what your thoughts on Upmpdcli with MPD are, for DietPi? As it supports DSD over PCM for UPnP.


Thanks again