Allo usbrige only playing noise


I reseved and installed a Allo usbrige with DietPi V158 yesterday. I use a NAD D-3020 amplifier with integrate dac.

I can see my dac in Roon, but when i trying to play some music, I only get some weird noise.
I tried to play with the sound settings to match the dac 24/196 but with no resolve.

I also trying to play from a Appel device using the airplay function shairplay. but as i send the music to the dietPi i disable the shairplay in the gui?

Hope some one can help with my issue, Tanks.

According to the specs for the D-3020 it’s limited to 24/96 over USB, but 24/192 over optical/coax. Might this be the issue?

Still the same problem after setting bitrate down.

Then i tried to connect my Dynaudio XEO dac to the Allo and everything is working perfect. so I think there must be some kind of driver issue for the NAD dac. :frowning:


Please see this thread for a possible fix:


The fix solve the problem. Tanks a Lot. :grin: