AlloUSBridge..Very hard to get to work!

ALLO-USBridge>Pro-Ject Pre S2 DAC on 2.12 Firmware
Both devices is new flashed with there Firmware
Here’s the thing…Every time had the USBridge upgraded…its been very hard to pass the 768KHz signal to the DAC…Running latest 6.23.3 SW and im stuck to 96KHz…Settings is where it has to be. 32Bit-768KHz…Still ROON doesnt play anything higher than 96KHz 32Bit
Personally can’t listening the music relaxed when i now this…so
Anyone had any clue to whats wrong?..So close toget another bridge for my system…like SOTM SMS 200 or simelar…Thnks

@ALLO_audio_boards tagging Allo for you and moved to the #audio-products:allo area

Ahh, thnks