Allow adding lyrics to tracks from streaming services (not with local file tags)

There are a lot of lyrics-related feature requests but none of them (as far as I can find) focuses only on one seemingly simple feature, so I’d like to request this explicitly:

Ability to add lyrics to tracks from streaming services.

I am aware of the ability to add lyrics via file tags, but many tracks in my library are from streaming services. I have artists with releases in my library consisting of a mix of local files and streaming services, I can add lyrics only to the local tracks via file tags but not to the streaming service tracks, although I could copy all of the lyrics from fan sites. This is very unsatisfying.

Getting the lyrics added to online lyrics services seems to be a legal nightmare according to this excellent post:

Therefore, the Roon feature would be:

  • A simple Add Lyrics button (maybe two for static and synced) in the track editor
  • Lyrics would be saved in the Roon database
  • Acceptable input could be the same as currently the lyrics in file tags: text only, new lines, possibly time stamps for synced lyrics

Would this not legally be just as OK as adding lyrics to local file tags? Nobody checks my rights to those, either - and I don’t think there are any legal problems with me transcribing the lyrics from a song and using the transcription strictly personally.

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