Allow filtering by multiple tags

It has been requested by multiple users that we should be able to easily select multiple tags and have Roon treat them as a Boolean AND command like pretty much every website on earth does.
ie, when I select my custom tags ’2021‘, ‘8*‘ and ‘ambient‘, I should see only ambient albums from 2021 that I scored 8.

Currently Roon shows me all 2021 albums of all genres and scores, plus all 8* albums from all years and all ambient albums regardless of score.

Imagine if on amazon you filtered on ‘Steven King‘, ‘hardback‘ and ‘horror‘ and instead of the 20 to 30 results you were hoping for it showed you over a million results including every single hardback plus every single horror by any author plus every Steven King book…

Please look to implement this simple functionality thanks.

Agreed an upvoted. Other Focus categories provide more control over boolean operators, but not tags which are “outside” of the rest of Focus.

I just found this thread after creating a new one.

Has any progress been made on providing selecting multiple tags with an AND operand rather than the OR?

I have heard nothing. I would love to know when this will finally be implemented.