Allow for larger/fewer images in Album view

I recently upgraded from 13" laptop to 16" and am finding it difficult to see the tiny album covers in many views and most particularly Album view.

MacBook Pro 13" late 2013 to MBP 16" late 2019.

I already have ‘Allow for move covers and photos’ set to No.

I have my OS display settings to ‘Scaled’ one tick larger from native resolution and it works for me for all other apps.

A setting that would allow 2 or even 1 row of appropriately (larger for me) sized album covers would be great.

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Wow, you seem to be one of the few who wishes to see fewer images on your laptop screen. I have my MacBook Pro set to show 40 (10x4). Just shows we all use Roon differently. I hope they can offer you a solution.

It would be nice to allow the user to adjust to their preferences and/or eyesight though I realize it’s a slippery slope allowing customizations.

The advertisement for Roon gave me the impression of flipping through stacks of albums where only one is visible at a time. I don’t find this view in the software. Sometimes it’s nice to slow down and just look at a single thing vs. so many choices on a single page.

I’m wishing for the cover browse compliment to this open double-album which one is presumably already listening not looking still.