Allow for manual setting of Portrait or Landscape

Is it possible to manually select portrait or landscape on a tablet? It is inconvenient and cumbersome to be forced into using Roon on a tablet only in landscape mode. I use the tablet for reading while listening to music and switching between apps and having to physically flip the tablet in order to control Roon is an unnecessary step.



I had to install an app to force landscape mode on my android tablet called rotation control. It can do the same I portrait.

Thanks, that worked, but makes things a little more manual than necessary. It’s too bad the app can’t natively auto rotate. Considering how fundamental this function is to so many apps I don’t understand why it’s not enabled.

The app actually does. BUT the app auto detects your resolution and base on the resolutions needed and supported for landscape it will auto rotate and adjust.
Roon is very demanding in resolution and graphics.