Allow Live Radio Stations to be edited

I can find a desired station and add it to My Live Radio, but I can’t edit the title or anything else. My manually entered stations have titles that allow grouping by provider or genre, e.g. JR-Jazz Ballads for a Jazz Radio station - I have about a dozen JR - more than a dozen CR (Calm Radio), etc., etc.

Even if I create a station from scratch and add the URL, if the URL is the same as the one listed in the provided Live Radio catalog, it uses the provided one (that I can’t edit) instead of the one I created!

Thank you.

On my iPad I press on the station icon in My Live Radio until the Play Now button comes up on the top menu bar. Selecting the Hamburger button just to the right of that gives you a choice to edit the station. Might be slightly different on a computer but I’m sure it’s a similar process.

That only works if your station is not in Roon’s database. If it is, then you can’t edit.

Thanks, but for me, it only works for stations I’ve created, not ones I add from Live Radio.

Ahh. I see you discovered that!

Thanks, I didn’t know that. Somehow all of my stations are one’s not in the database.

Seeing as how one can edit albums in one’s database as much as one likes, it seems a reasonable request to be able to do the same for radio stations.