Allow Removal Of Devices on Audio Settings Page


This option is required for situations where I sell on a DAC, or perhaps a friend brings over a DAC to try out. Once the device is in the Audio list there’s no way to remove it, making finding what you’re after sometimes more of a pain (especially when the next DAC is trialled, and it’s hard to work out/remember what’s what!).

Many thanks.

Roon won’t report on a device that is no longer networked, but you can always disable the endpoint.

I just tested this and just turning the device off removes it from my list. I wonder why yours is “remembering” the devices…???


A friendly amendment to your request: allow the user to hide or delete unwanted devices, such as these that I’ll never enable:


You are hiding them from your Roon zones by not enabling them :grinning:
It feels a bit odd to hide things on a settings menu

Good point. I’d mind less if it would also show (greyed to indicate a disconnect), former endpoints not now on the network. That’s useful.