Allow ROCK internal storage to be subdivided into multiple storage locations, allow storage locations to be usable (or not) by Roon user, and/or allow ROCK internal storage to be used as a local cache

I have a use case in Creating focuses on different areas of ROCK internal storage? that doesn’t seem to be well addressed in ROCK as it exists today.

Basically, I share the Roon server at home, and we each have pretty different tastes in music. So, we’ve been using focuses based on storage location to do it so as to avoid having to manually manage metadata in Roon regarding whose music is whose. I recently switched over to ROCK since the hard drive in my old Roon server died, and was hoping to store our music on the local drive to take one more potential thing out of the picture for potential issues, but found that it’s only treated as a single storage location.

So, I’m hoping for a few things here. If ROCK allowed its internal storage to be subdivided, that would solve my problem. Even better would be if I could assign viewability rights to specific users, so that she’d only see albums in her storage location and I’d only see mine in my storage location, regardless of focuses, and maybe even allow certain storage locations to be viewable by all users, for the things we have that we both want to access.

Alternately, if it was possible to set the local storage to be just a cache that fills with music pulled from remote locations over SMB (maybe pre-cache anything that gets added to a playlist, and start evicting the oldest things once it gets past some limit based on the size of the internal disk), then that would also work, especially if the viewability stuff was implemented, since I could just leave things as is (pulling directly from the NAS) without worrying about backing up our music collections to the NAS, and then let Roon manage its own local cache.