Allow selection of Hifi vs Master for TIDAL

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If every word of every sentence is taken literally, we’ll have a hard time communicating.

I’m sure there are situations of no MQA and all MQA and in the middle. However, we no longer can play pure PCM (non-MQA) in Roon for many albums. The big thing is the loss of choice that seems to be only in Roon and likely because of the way Tidal is delivering albums.


how many do you think?

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I don’t, and I doubt anyone here has, the time to find out.

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Just browsing the Tidal Masters in Roon I see many albums with only an MQA version on the versions tab.

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In a way this makes sense. Searching for an album and getting multiple copies and then having to read the fine print to figure out what the difference is can be annoying. With Tidal + Qobuz it’s 4 or more copies of the same album right now. With additional streaming options, maybe, in the future the problem just gets worse. Options and toggles are great but by default I really only want to see the highest bitrate version returned in my searches. It’s just a shame that for Tidal it means they will return the MQA’d version.

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It does seem that Roon is missing the standard pcm versions. Just searched for The Raconteurs new album only MQA 96/24 and Qobuz 96/24 showed up. Tidal app shows mqa and standard pcm , Qobuz only has the hires version which is odd.

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Here are some others where Roon doesn’t show the pure PCM version:

The Black Keys - Let’s Rock

Beyonce - Homecoming The Live Album

The Raconteurs - Help Us Stranger

Dawnbreaker - Daughter of Swords

Doobie Brother - Live from the Beacon Theater

Foy Vance - From Muscle Shoals

Gucci Mane - Delusions of Grandeur


@support is there a reason why Roon cant see the standard PCM versions when they exist via the Tidal app?


I dont see them in the TIDAL app either I dont think


Racounters album is available as both on Tidal app. The others in that list I have looked for are available as only MQA.

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So you’re seeing content in the TIDAL app that’s not showing up in Roon?

I just looked on their site and these albums all seem to only have MQA versions available, so my expectation is that Roon would be showing the same albums.


Are you seeing otherwise?

Where are you located @CrystalGipsy? In the US, I see the MQA version, and a non-MQA version of the “With Track By Track Commentary” version, just like I see in Roon.

At least in the US, I am not seeing any content in their app that’s not available in Roon, but I’d like to make sure we look into this if you guys are.


I don’t see the track by track commentary version in Roon Im in th UK but see it in the Tidal app…

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Ok, thanks @ComputerAudiophile – my take on the behavior you’re seeing is that:

  • We’re showing the same content as TIDAL (we’ll look into @CrystalGipsy’s example, but generally speaking)
  • Nothing has changed in Roon – right now, we continue to play the “highest quality available” always
  • The thing that has changed is that TIDAL is starting to release albums in MQA only

In which case, this:

is a feature request, and probably a reasonable one.

@ComputerAudiophile – unless you object, I’m going to move this over to feature-requests so we can keep an eye on demand here, and we’ll see what we can do here.

Thanks for the report!

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I confirm I’m not seeing non-MQA PCM versions of the above albums using Lumin app.

I can find non-MQA PCM versions of these albums using Lumin app. The first one is an alternate version that doubled the track count with commentary tracks.

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Of the 19 Doobie Brothers albums I find on Tidal through Roon, Live From The Beacon Theatre is the ONLY one that doesn’t have a pure PCM version.


This could be expected behavior. while browsing the MQA (masters) section why would you expect to find non-MQA examples, even when drilling down to an individual title?

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Because that’s how it’s always been since Roon and Masters were launched. Masters has always shown albums that have an optional MQA version. Now it’s mandatory through Roon only, not the Tidal app.

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Hey @mike - I’m cool with this being a feature request.

One thing I’d like to point out with Roon’s “highest quality available” stance is that you guys too often equate sample rate with quality. As you know an old master of an album without much dynamic range compression will be the highest quality over an MQA version made from a new 24/96 master that was crushed dynamically.

Quality has nothing to do with sample rate or technology and everything to do with the people who created the recording and their engineering decisions. You can’t really pick these items out wholesale like you can sample rate etc… so you’re in a tough spot.

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