Allow users to customize how shuffling works in roon


I have been a roon user for a few years and think it is a wonderful product. That being said, one area that could be better is shuffle and roon radio. It is my observation that it often seems to pick a few albums and then shuffle tracks within those albums. Even worse it sometimes repeats the same tracks. For example, it played two different tracks twice during my last continuous Roon radio session. With the large number of tracks available I don’t think it should ever repeat the same track during one listening session. (Perhaps as an option shuffle could be told not to repeat any song until all the other songs in the library have been played.)

To make roon better, I suggest that a future version allow the user to customize how the shuffle / roon radio functions. For example having 3 shuffle modes; Highly randomized = only one song from a particular artist, per shuffle session. Medium randomized = only one song per album per shuffle session. Low Randomized = similar to current shuffle. For all modes the same song should never be played twice per session. Obviously the same song could be played again if there are different versions of the same song but the ability to fine tune roon radio / shuffle would at least allow the user to personalize the system.

I am not active on forums but wanted to take the time to post this suggestion.

I agree. I ran shuffle on short (21 tracks) playlist. After one hour I’ve never heard faith no more track but Some other more than once. And then FNF started playing. Twice. Really strange shuffle - just random function is not good option I think it should be more smart…
The same radio - and it asks me why im skipping the track. I don’t like it maybe? No… The track is my favourite and is market by heart symbol so…
Yes both shuffle and radio are not very “smart” unfortunately.
I’ve never heard any radio playing the sam track twice one after another!

I would like to suggest a slight variation on this request. How about a feature that shuffled after a certain number of songs, which the user could determine? One case scenario for this is playing music where one song segues into the next without being a multipart work (Grateful Dead). It would also be helpful more generally if you want to control the variety of songs/artists in shuffle play.