Allow users to select Text/background colours

Using Roon (latest version), the artist bio/info part of the screen displays white text over a black background, regardless of whether light or dark theme is selected (the themes only affect the rest of the screen, not the info panel). I can’t find a setting to change this.

Is there a setting I’m not seeing to change this? Too much white text on black backgrounds sends my eyes funny - I can’t focus properly for several seconds after reading, and so on. It’s quite unpleasant. So unfortunately it makes a fair amount of the info Roon displays difficult to read.

If there’s not a setting, I suppose I’ll submit it as a feature request.

There is not a setting. I can move this post to Feature Request and you can update the title to be more specific.

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Aha, thank you.

I can’t see how to edit the title, but fingers crossed it gets picked up.

How is that for a title/request? If not just respond and I’ll update.

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Looks good to me. Nice one.

It might be a bit unusual, but I can’t imagine that I’m physiologically unique in this way, so hopefully it’d help others too.

No, you are not the only one. I also cannot read the album reviews for more than just a few seconds. I can’t make it to more than two to four lines of text either. The white letters on black blackground make the letter literaly float and drift in air to me.

I have stopped asking or mentioning it because of a lack of any reaction. Instead I have just stopped using it which is too bad, after all this kind of info is where we pay for. Customizing colours is high on my wishlist, not for pretty looks but for enhanced readability/usability.

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Glad to hear it’s not just me. Well not glad, because it sucks, but you know what I mean.

TBH I’ve mentioned the same phenomenon in different places (the Mac Mini page of the Apple website is one random example) and found other people saying they get it too. So I’m guessing there are a fair few out there who, like you, just get used to not bothering to say anything because those who don’t experience it tend not to seem to care.

But especially in Roon’s case, that info panel plays quite a big part in what the product is about. So fingers crossed someone is paying attention.

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