Alow storage hard drives (HDD) go to sleep when not in use

I have windows 7 PC 24/7 with files storage, backups, Kodi. Now it is also Roon core.
It have SSD (system) and many hard drives HDD (storage) it previously automatically shut down HDD when not used for some time.

But now with Roon Hard drives (HDD) always run. Waste of energy and lifetime of hard drives.

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How long has it been your Roon core and how big is your library? Most likely scenario is that Roon is still analyzing files. That can take a long time initially - perhaps many days. After this finishes, it should settle down. I use a windows 10 PC 24/7 with system on an SSD and music storage on an external HDD. The HDD spins down when not in use.

Yes I found out that Roon is still analyzing files

I had the same concern about HDD spinning 24/7.

On my i7 Retina Macbook Pro, I changed Roon settings to analyze all the music with all 8 cores at maximum speed with fans blasting. I did this overnight and it was done. On throttled, it wasn’t going anywhere and the hard drives kept spinning.

On my older 2009 iMac Core Duo 2, even at max speed it showed a long time to analyze, so I have Background Audio Analysis turned off.

If you’re going to use analysis, then I’d suggest running it at 100% and getting it out of the way, rather than having it run for a long, long time.

This way, for either scenarios, my HDD stop spinning after few minutes.