Alpha navigation input speed

The alpha navigation feature is quite neat, but it could perhaps benefit from a slight re-design. If you–let’s say–want to get an artist starting with GOL, you press the ABC button to bring up the navigation, and press G, making a subconscious note of where the letter O is, which you want to type next. But the location of O moves, because not all letters are likely to be present in any given library following G. Therefore you have to spend time looking for where the O is now. The same thing repeats for the next letter.

This makes the operation slower than necessary, because the user can’t predict the next state.
A suggestion would be to have a full character list always present, with non-existing letters inactive (“greyed out”); in order to enhance the input speed.


I agree. The way it is now is sub-optimal IMO.

I also don’t want to have to press ABC every time. It’s just an irritating extra click.

Without the ABC icon, how would it be triggered, esp. on a touch screen with no keyboard or mouse?

It’s always there on C15 and Sooloos iPad app. Why can’t it be in Roon?

Oh got you, you want all the selection letters permanently visible. I would not want that, I prefer the ABC icon approach.

That said, if the alpha nav just replaced the scroll bar without taking up anymore screen space then I’d be happy with having a single row of alpha characters …

Provided they are not that small to make selection difficult on table sized screens.

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