Alphabetic scroll bar: old bug, possible hint [Resolved - 1.3]

@Mike @Danny sorry, I don’t know who should have this.

I have reported before that when I drag the alphabetic scroll bar (albums sorted by artist) the readout showing where I am occasionally shows out of order letters. E.g. now I get MA, MI, TH, PA. The TH comes where there should be a O.

But on that page, the first album is by Ole Kock Hansen/Thomas Fonnesbæk.

Is it possible that readout was confused by the slash when parsing the text and found Thomas? Might be some old file path parsing code which tries to pass over the directory path to find the file name.

Just a hunch…

Hi @AndersVinberg ----- Thank you for the report here. This issue has been addressed and is fixed pending the release of 1.3.