Alphabetical order of Artists

Alphabetical order of Artists

Currently ARTISTS appear in Roon in the following way, for example:

THE POLICE: in the letter P
THE B52’S: in B
THE CORRS: in the C

and so on, etc., etc.

Is there any way that they appear in the T, which is how I have them sorted on my disk?

Thank you.

As things are, you’d have to change the sort behaviour one artist at a time - by changing the Sort Name in the Artist Editor.

This is another good reason to think again about one of the feature requests made back in 2015:

An editable list would enable a user to un-set the The-ignorance in sort, too.

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I do not understand very well what you want to say.

Can I have The Police shown on the T by editing something?

I have named The Police with the editor and keep appearing in the P.

Thank you.

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I do not believe you can use the Sort Name filed in the Artist Editor to prevent The-ingnorance in sort. I just tried it with The Police and no change.

If you use ThePolice (no spaces) in the Last-First Sort Name field, that will work (assuming you have sort by last name set). This field is only used for sorting and doesn’t display in the artist listings.



What it says works, but what happens is that ALL the artists are sorted by the last name.
For example, Christina Aguilera, who was previously in C, happens to be in A.

Ahh, that’s the drawback. I’m afraid you can’t have one without the other.

Well, that the creators of Roon give us a solution, since the normal order should be that THE were before the name.

Any solution about it?

Would the brute force solution be to set sorting to Last-name, First-name and then explicitly set the “Last-First Sort Name” field for every artist in one’s collection so for instance set it to “ThePolice” for The Police and “ChristinaAguilera” for Christina Aguilera? It might be a pain depending on how many artists you have in your collection but Roon providing us that sorting field does seem to offer total flexibility at the cost of some effort in setting it up.

It is as easy as adding the possibility of indicating that we want THE in the letter T, instead of being a specific article to be removed.

Understood but I was trying to offer you a workaround that could get you the sorting behaviour that you want today. Your alternative is to wait for your suggestion to be implemented and, as has already been pointed out by u_gee, a feature request that would give you what you want was filed about 9 weeks ago.

Roon is a big and complicated product and I am sure the development team are very careful with code check-ins, release control and testing, etc so, although it is quite possible that the feature request is on the list to be implemented, it is also entirely possible that due to the relatively small size of the development team and other competing priorities it could be a release or more away from making it into an official update.

I’m certainly not suggesting that your request does not have merit, or even better the more flexible request for the list of ignored articles to be editable/customisable since that would subsume your request, but I fear that your expectations of how quickly the change you hope for is likely to be released might be too high hence my wish to offer an option that could work for you now.

Excuse me, Julian, my English is not very good and I don’t understand very well what I intended to do.
Can you explain it to me in detail?
Thank you.

Sorry for the late reply - you’re (of course) right. :slight_smile:

But what would do the trick when using the Sort Name field is replacing the standard space between the The and the rest with a different symbol which will render like a space. For instance the En quad (Unicode 2000). Still quirky.

Gak! :crazy_face:

I am laughing because the thing i love about Roon is i do NOT have to wade through endless names of bands that start with THE…the last thing i want is to have to go to the letter T and then sort through to find The Who or the Police etc…i love that when i want to find the who i go to W or the police i go to P…please dont ever change that

Let me laugh (for not crying) also for having to search for groups or interpreters by name after the article “THE”.
For me and for many users, the order with the article in front is better.

I would suggest that you put this request into the Feature Request category of the forum. It’s not a common way of sorting (I don’t recall ever being in a record/cd shop where the “T” section was sorted this way, for example), but by all means raise it as a request.

@ndrscr previously shared a link to an existing feature Editable list of ignored articles when sorted by name that if implemented would would facilitate @J.A wishes. I’d suggest the OP posts in that topic to supplement the argument for its implementation.


Thank you,

I have moved the post to Feature Request, as suggested.


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