Alphabetical searching/scrolling Roon remote

I use Roon server on an Intel NUC with a SOtM SMS-200 Roon endpoint. I remotely control Roon on a Windows laptop and I am very satisfied with this setup. However, occasionally, when I don’t want to startup my windows laptop to control Roon, I use the Roon remote app on my iPhone. This is a much less satisfying experience because my music collection is >3000 albums and although I can choose music by genre, I still get hundreds (to a thousand with the largest genre) albums per genre that I have to scroll through to pick an album to play. Of course, I can use the search function (upper right symbol), but that that only works if I already know which album I want to play (and that I exactly know what albums I have). Most frequently, I want to scroll through the albums to get an idea of which album I want to play. With Roon Remote on my windows laptop, there is nice function so that I can scroll through my albums by alphabet. Would it be possible to provide the Roon remote app for my iPhone with such an alphabetical search function? Alternatively, can the scrolling made faster?