Alphabetizing Within Tags? Solved

Roon and I have a different definition of “compilations”. Roon would call an artist’s Greatest Hits record a compilation, since the cuts were compiled from different records. I call a compilation a recording by various artists organized around a theme - Sun Records The Blues, or New Orleans R&B vol 1, or Rare Gems of Baroque Organ as examples.

No problem, though, so long as I can segregate my own to look through them. My workaround is to Tag my version of compilations (I do the same with audiobooks and podcasts) so they are immediately accessible. Tap “Tag”, tap “Compilations”, and there they all are.

Problem, though, is that they are unsorted. All the albums appear to exist within the Tag at random. Is there any way to organize within a Tag?

Where you see View All, tap and select View Albums

Then select select Album Title or Date

Bit of a hack but works. There is no way to set a default view, it will revert at the next visit

Ah - I see. There’s one extra step.

When I went to Tags → “Compilations” Roon gave me all the tagged items, but I was looking for some sort choice where “View All Albums” exists. (see below)

I figured if I selected that, I’d go back to the main library rather than viewing all albums in the Tag.

Thanks - does what I need, despite the extra step

And when you’ve done that, save it as a bookmark. It will remember the sort you use.

As Brian says save it . Check the KB on tags and bookmarks. Bookmarks are dynamic , say Composer = Beethoven, save then any further albums meeting the rule will all show

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