Alternative Displays to Chromecast

It would be great to have a display option other than Chromecast or Web. Built-in Chromecast is terrible. I have 4 different TV’s with built-in Chromecast and every one of them has major issues, including crashing and not being seen by Roon until the TV is rebooted. Chromecast dongles work, but they require changing TV inputs and they do not show up as a Display option until the dongle is fully booted up after changing the input.

My AVR (Marantz 1608) has an option to display an HDMI video input when the analog audio input is used. If I use the analog out of my IFI DAC (HDMI in from Roon) for the audio, I can select any video I want to display. Typically, I select CNN from the cable box HDMI.

I keep the Roon display on a Chromebook - it would be clunky to try to use a TV screen this without a mouse.