Alternative location for local Roon folder?

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Windows10, latest Roon

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Description Of Issue

New user, Roon is currently importing my (substantial) library and I’m running out of space on my system partition. Is there a way to offload C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Roon to another hdd?

Hi @DJb_kbx,

At this time Roon does not support alternate locations for the database — It will always be located at the path you shared above.

Thanks for the quick replies.
How much space on C:\etc is needed appx per 10k songs?

From FAQ: What are the minimum requirements? one can follow the link to:

… but as you didn’t gave away any real figures, you might also want to read the post about really large libraries:

Officially, no.

Unofficially, yes. Stop Roon. Move the Roon database directory to another drive. Use “mklink /j” to create a junction reparse point from the original location to wherever you moved the Roon database folder to.

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This works, been there, done that.

This won’t change anything. Roon on Windows always uses a hardcoded path relative to %APPDATA% for the Roon database.

The OP was specifically asking about moving Roon’s internal metadata database to a location not on their boot drive. They were not asking about the raw music files, themselves. Roon already lets you have music anywhere you want it. Only the metadata database has a hardcoded path.

That’s saying the metadata database is what’s filling up his system drive.

Thanks for pointing this out. I did a

mklink /J F:\Roon\Database C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Roon\Database

and ended up with what seems two identical …\Roon\Database folders on 2 different drives. Roon is importing, the target directory is growing in size, but available space is still decreasing on C:\
Is this expected behaviour?

Thanks, very insightful.
my library is in the same ballpark as discussed there :slight_smile:

My apologies for not digging around first in the faq and forum, but it was my first Roon day and I had to abort importing, so (I thought) I was in need of a quick fix.

You have the arguments reversed, so you created a junction from F:\Roon\Database that points at the C: drive. You can confirm this by doing a ‘dir’ in a command prompt in F:\Roon. It should show “Database” as type JUNCTION.

So you will need to stop Roon again, delete F:\Roon\Database, again move the origin to F:\Roon\Database (since Roon has been updating the C:\ drive), then run mklink /j with the correct order. Confirm that the C: drive “Database” shows as type JUNCTION. Then restart Roon again.

Thanks, just figured it out, copying as we speak.
Should have done this AFTER my morning coffee :slight_smile:

I realize this has been resolved but just for reference. This yields 7.12GB on disk for me.

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