Alternative Pricing For Lifetime Membership Suggestion?

(Wayne Bull) #39

All these comments about Roon are correct but at the end of the day the average Joe could be on a yearly low income with many commitments, so although $499 is talked about as loose change to some it is a lot of money to most people.

(Brian Borgman) #40

I’m getting close to have to renew my membership. I am planning on a year, but would love to do a lifetime if it could be done with 4 payments over the year.

(Red Reddy) #41

I agree I’d like a pricing alternative as well, whatever that ends up looking like. I paid for year, but cancelled Roon because I felt like paying more years was just throwing money away should I ever decide I want to do lifetime, which is what I would like to do at some point. I’d offer that at the least, that if someone has subscribed to Roon for at least two years they could get a break on the lifetime price.

(Robert ) #42

The lifetime subscription is a great deal. After my trial, I signed up for an annual subscription, but converted to lifetime within the first thirty days. Ultimately, I decided I wasn’t going to go without it. I get that $500 is a sizeable amount of money, but if you think of it in terms of equipment expenditures, it’s not so bad. I use Roon around 30-40 hours a week - really a bargain for me.

(Frank DeMello) #43

One thing I’m not sure people are considering. What happens to those lifetime subs if Roon goes out of business? I’ve had this happen to me with numerous software packages that I bought lifetime subs for (although those were a fraction of the cash outlay of Roon)


This was discussed and explained here.

(michael image) #45

Me too. I’ve reached the outer limits of the table and more than happy to maintain the annual sub. ‘forever’. Thank you Roon.

(Henrik Richter Schie) #46

I think this is a great suggestion, and it’s already tried out to great success on other products. I’m on my way to own a software synth called Serum, through their rent-to-own down payment solution. This won’t even cost any more than retail price if I bought it, and it’s a synth I wouldn’t have bought if it wasn’t for this solution, as I think $189 is outside my budget for software at the moment.

This should definitely be considered as a down payment solution for lifte time subscription, and as mention earlier, I’d be happy to pay the extra year on top of the price for this.

(Anders Vinberg) #47

The Seattle Yacht Club has a different philosophy for older, and presumably wealthier, members… The annual membership fee is proportional to your age.

(Steve) #48

I’m not sure being older necessarily means being wealthier? :frowning: But I know what you mean. A club I belong to does discounted membership rates for ‘young’ members (<25), making the assumption that they have less disposable income but would be a good asset for other reasons.

(michael image) #49

I don’t think I would qualify for any yacht club. A senior’s card would be a welcome option.

(Michael Keefe) #50

The VFW goes the other way, lifetime membership at declining prices for older members.

(Tim Hartford) #51

Folks it’s been suggested a number of times but if you can’t afford 1 lump sum, put it on a credit card and create your own customized subscription plan. Why put it on the developer to tailor something to your specific financing needs? And I think the Microsoft/Adobe subscription comparison is a fair one. Try asking them for credit on your monthly subscription toward a lifetime account and see how far you get. There is something a bit off-putting about this suggestion. It implies that the lifetime subscription option on the table is somehow not generous enough. There is nothing remotely close to Roon in the marketplace right now and it’s just getting better. For such a small team, the support is fantastic too. $500 for a Roon lifetime subscription is a true bargain. I don’t regret mine for a second.

(Mark) #52


Both of whom have monthly plans.

Slow :clap:

(Geoff Coupe) #53

Yeah, but Microsoft no longer has a one-time “lifetime” license for multiple PCs (for Office) as they once did. And I’d be prepared to bet that Adobe would love to drop the once-off license cost for (for example) Lightroom, and just stick to the subscription model. When Lightroom 7 hits the streets, I would not be at all surprised to see that the one-time license is no longer available.

(Danny Dulai) #54

I’ve made comments on this before, so I’ll just link to the most relevant for this discussion:

(Mark) #55

This has no bearing on mine and some others request that a monthly option be brought in.

The post above mine seemed to infer that introducing monthly would require an act of supreme benevolence on the part of Roon, when in fact a monthly option would bring them a new market and, with the right charging structure, financial benefit too.


Great product, i.e. no hard feelings about the pricing.

My question - A few months ago, I bought a yearly sub. I’ve decided I want a life sub. Can I get credit for the unused portion of my yearly sub. Thanks.

(Danny Dulai) #59

Yup, after upgrading to a lifetime, just contact and our billing support team can set that up.

(Tim Hartford) #61

My (in retrospect slightly self-righteous) post was primarily intended to address the OP and the several who were requesting some kind of “rent to own” accommodation. Not really the monthly subscription idea. I’ve read speculation that the minimum annual subscription may have to do with the learning curve and time required for the average user to ramp up which makes sense. There’s an ever-increasing proliferation of Roon-ready devices hitting the market. The start-stop model may just simply be too complex and disruptive for a team Roon’s size right now. It would add another variable where a user stops a subscription, adds or changes out a few devices, starts up the subscription and encounters a compatibility issue. Maybe better to troubleshoot at the point the new device was added. Maybe not. Pure speculation on my part. But then again, this is the internet. :slight_smile: