Alternative solutions for Roon Streaming to Naim Superunit

Hi, I am currently running roon out of my MacBook computer as a core, my main equipment are Naim Superuniti with Focal Kanta II. Unfortunatly, superuniti does not permit to stream roon as an End-Point. I have been looking for alternative way to get the digitial signal from roon into the Superuniti DAC and Amp.

At the moment, It can go trhough my AppleTV 4K HDMI output to my Sony XBR TV then from the Digitial Optical output into the Naim. But this is not the best option and I find that Apple TV is sometime lagging.

What would be the best alternative as an Roon endpoint into the SuperUniti. I am currently considering the Oppo 203 Blueray Player as a roon end point and for 4K blueray into my TV.

Tee question, is there a better alternative?

Thought of an Allo Digione?

Have not looked into until you mentioned it, but how would you connect it, in my setup?

Ethernet connect the Digione to the same network as your core. Coax connect the Digione to the Naim.

The Digione I looked up did not have ethernet connection???

maybe this is the one?

You looked up the board. That needs to be attached to a raspberry pi. If you get the digione player you get all you need.

Hi Dave

Having a Superuniti.
Did you mange/try the Digione?
Curious if it works?