Alternatives to Tidal streaming

I live in Asia (Singapore) and Tidal streaming is abysmal (endless drops) . The only way to listen to Tidal is to download it on my phone and use Bluetooth or the phone output to the speakers (KEF 50 Wireless) .

I have a full Roon setup (lifetime with Nucleus( and it works wonderfully with my own NAS music , but I cannot listen to any of my playlists through Roon as they are in either Spotify , Tidal or Apple Music

My current plan is to ditch Tidal (which I took for the Roon integration and where I converted all my playlists) and to revert to Spotify connect (quality is low but at least it works) as using Tidal through Bluetooth does not make a ton of sense and only use Roon for my “legacy” music

Is there any other alternative where I can « buffer » the Tidal music or is that the end of the road (no other streaming option for Roon and no buffering for Tidal).

I know this is a weird suggestion but, assuming you cannot use Qobuz, consider downgrading your Tidal membership. Lower quality streams will be less dependant on internet bandwidth (note bandwidth and not speed) and should be less problematic to stream.

Thanks for the advice. Qobuz is not available in Singapore. Has anybody tried this ( I am just wondering if there is a benefit of using downgraded Tidal vs Spotify Connect (which has better playlists in my view) ) .

Have you tried signing up to Qobuz? I was able to sign up from Australia, even though it’s not available here either…supposedly.

Have a QUBOZ account made in UK via VPN…Using in Denmark without VPN…its possible

Using a service that offers lossy files should allow for network demands to be lower. That is assuming there is nothing wrong with your home network. I am assuming that you want to do this through Roon, in which case Tidal is your only option.

Thanks, I did switch to Qobuz (you just need to be in a Qobuz enabled country to open the account and then you are OK) , and it fixed the issue. Tidal streaming was very bad in Singapore, but Qobuz is OK (and the curating / songs available happen to be better, at least for me)