Always bad connection ARC with Pixel 5

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus +

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Wifi no VPN

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Pixel 5

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Dear Support,

I can use ARC with my core on nucleus + and I can connect
to the core with ARC with my Ipad, and One+ phone at home
on the wifi network and outside when I have a wifi network.
But I always get a bad connection with the Pixel 5, even at
home on my wifi network. It does not change if I uncheck
Wifi only wand use the 4G. Thank you for your help

Hey @Serge_Cohen,

Good to see you on community again! Following up on this thread, can you please remove Arc on the Pixel 5, power down the device and reinstall the new version of Arc and let me know if you continue to run into this issue?


Thank you For your advice. Now Pixel 5 is connecting with Roon ARC to
the Roon Core.

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