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One of things I did after my first brain trauma in May 2014 was at some point, don’t know when, was to trade in my OPPO 205. I have been deeply regretting it mainly because of the DAC in it and the ability to play all discs.

I have seriously considered spending Over £5000(with import duties) of buying from an American dealer.

Then I dis some serious thinking about it last night. Why? I can play all my discs now. DVD-Audio, Pure Audio, SACD and Red Book. Not on the same machines.

My present DAC plays up to 384khz PCM and 128DSD. Why do I want more than that/

I am so pleased with Roon and HQP and the upsampling ability. I am pleased with the DAC and it’s playing of cd’s at 32 bit automatically. And of course the sound it produces. I couldn’t get a better laptop than the MBP nor better external storage.

So why, having decided it it is a silly idea to buy the OPPO again, and that the money is best spent on a better DAC am I even thinking of doing that?

I have been waiting for the new AV from Yamaha, an upgrade on the top of the range I have, the Rx-A3080.

Now I am even thinking why about that.

There is NOTHING wrong with any of what I got. I am an ignoramus as regards the technical side of things but I know what I like the sound of. I have 7 Monitor Audio Silver speakers and 2 x Rel subs.

Oh and my headphones are Grado GS 1000e.

Is this a common situation for people into music/audio to find themselves in?

My husband is 73 and wears aids. I am 61 with good hearing. Unless what we have breaks down, I can’t seriously justify changing anything.


(I do the same with my camera-always looking for lenses when I have what I need.)

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You may be an audiophile if…

Oh no! That can’t be true! Not me.

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