Always show all albums on artist page

Does anyone know if there is an option I am missing somewhere that will always show all albums on an artist page? Having to click “show more” is annoying and not great UX, it has also been one of my major pet peeves on most streaming apps and disappointed to see 1.8 bring this about.

Ideally there would be an option to disable the feature entirely as i would rather not have the “show more” and “show less” clogging up the view.

I realize that you can get to an expanded album layout by clicking Discography, but that is still adding an unneeded click and slows down the whole browsing experience, which is what brought me to Roon in the first place.


Absolutely right!


Also need to show all albums by the artist on the album screen. In Roon 1.8 you have to scroll down, only to find they may or may not be there.