Am I able to turn file scanning off and turn it back on as wanted?

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I know this is a big library. I have a one year old computer with I7 processor and 16 gigs of RAM and don’t use it for anything but Roon.

If playback starts to lag getting a message file is taking a long time to load, I sometimes reboot Roon. It automatically starts to scan all the music files and that process causes more file loading lags until it’s complete.

My library is only these files I.e. no Tidal etc., so I only need Roon to scan for new files when I’ve uploaded new tracks to my library.

I think if I was able to turn scanning on and off that would free Roon up to only deal with playback.

No. I have a big library, too, and I have decided that the best thing to do during Roon Boot is to go and make myself a cup of tea.
Do you like tea?


I do! And that, sir, is a dammed civilized approach to a decidedly first world problem.

As Ray Davies of The Kinks would say…have a cuppa tea, for Christ’s sake have a cuppa tea.

When Roon is working well it is the best music librarian around.

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You can try turning it off in “Settings/Library” or give it more cores so it goes faster for both “background analysis” and “on-demand analysis”:

Hi @bearFNF,

Those switches control the Background Audio Analisis, once performed Roon does not have to repeat (the exception is when Roon change the algorithm, which iirc has only happened once).

The Roon startup file scan, is a different process, it’s purpose is to cross the library reference against the files on the file system … and this can’t be disabled (but can be schedule to periodically run against network shares).

How does one set the scan to periodic?

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