Am I confused re iPad app?

  1. Am I right that the roon iPad app can only control output on the core? Therefore, my macbook client endpoint that is used to feed my DAC cannot be controlled by the iPad remote but must be run in screen sharing or some other clumsy work around?

  2. Can this problem be solved somehow by use of an airport extreme or Apple TV gen3?

  3. Is some kind of Roon Cubox coming that will solve the problem since I don’t want my big new iMac in my listening area?


David - Dallas

There are two products on the market right now that can act as a bridge today. The Auralic Aries (LE), and the Sonore Sonicorbiter LE.

Once RoonSpeakers is relelased (our next major release–this work is in progress right now), you’ll have software options for creating endpoints out of devices on a variety of platforms including your Mac, or a rpi/cubox type device.

These zones will be fully featured + support remote control, unlike the private zone feature we provide on remotes today.