Am I doing it correctly?

I am about to start a trial of Roon.

I will download Roon (core, control & output) onto a 2010 iMac (i7, 12Gb ram, 1Tb HD and Radeon Graphics card). My music (230Gb) is stored on the HD in iTunes. My endpoint will be a Meridian 808v6 (latest firmware) ID41 card on the same network as the iMac. I also plan to use an iPhone 5s as a remote. I do not have Sooloos.

Will this work without any further downloads, updates etc if I just ‘point’ Roon to the iTunes library when installed?
Do I have to bother with or understand dynamic and static IP addresses?




I’d make sure that Roon is looking at your iTunes library as a “Watched folder” and not an “Organized folder”.

You will need to download the Roon app to use the iPhone.

Thanks, I’ll have a go.

Seems obvious but make sure Roon is allowed through your firewall. This is usually seamless but if things are falling apart it’s a good place to start troubleshooting.


It seems to be working, but Roon doesn’t seem to have picked up all my iTunes music. I should have pointed it to my music folder rater than the iTunes folder as iTunes doesn’t recognise my FLAC or 24bit files.

Ok…just disable the iTunes folder and add your regular music folder(s).

These can be managed anytime and not just on initial setup.