Am I getting the best audio resolution?

just downloaded the trial- not sure if i have this all setup correctly? system consists of a mac mini 2012 1tb spinning hd connected to an audiophilleo usb/spdif converter and going into the coax input on the rega dac. i have read these posts and read that roon is downsampling my audio to 48.1 on the high rez flac files. is this accurate? i also have pure music on my mac but have not ab room with it yet and also not sure if the two should be running together? i am using a macbook at my listening seat to remotely control room so i do not have to keep the monitor on? audio is my primary thing so want to know if i am getting the full zoot audio experience i was getting with audirvana and pure music? help and thoughts appreciated! i really like the software and it would be a no brainer if i can the full hi rez audio capability without the audio signal being down sampled-this defeats the purpose of my system. thanks! Gary

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