Am I missing something re pasting image URLs?

The resolution of some of the graphics is awful so needs improving. The simplest way is to paste in a URL BUT very often this never works, or works with repeated tries or requires a different URL. With some I have to end up copying and inserting by browsing.

So, I wonder if there is a trick to the URL copy I’m missing? If this exists I would be grateful to know it!!

POSTSCRIT: Of course it might be something in this PC like the firewall or a program is causing the problem. As only semi PC literate I would welcome any suggestions.


Do you have an example of a URL that isn’t working for you so we can take a look?


OK, I just struck this one from

The image refuses to paste into my copy of this album.

BUT the url from here did work

What is the difference between these two sites? That might explain the problems sometimes encounbtered.

Note that I have as much trouble from Amazon as from allmusic and other sites - works sometimes, not other times and on occasions, I never find a site from which the url will copy.

Here is one which works from Amazon:

@JOHN_COULSON None of those URLs are URLs of images.

No, I realise that. I merely directed you to the sites & images where I obtained the URLs. Do you want me to send the actual URLs?

Yes please; that would be helpful.

OK, here is one

But this one worked

Now this is weird. I then went back to that first url. First attempt to install the image failed. But second attempt worked. Here is the url which only worked later attempt (from ALLMUSIC):

And it looks exactly the same!!! I’ll repost whern I have found another URL which refuses to be accepted.