Am I streaming Spotify on regular Ropiee (not XL)?

Funny thing just happened. My roommate, not knowing that it shouldn’t be possible, just started streaming Spotify to my RoPiee box. It “just showed up” in her Spotify app. Did I update to RoPieeeXL by accident? I still access the web gui at ropieee.local, and the XL upgrade toggle is off. Just curious.

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Thank you for RoPieee, @spockfish!


There was a small bug in the latest version wrt handling XL.
I’ve released a hotfix for that, but for some people this means they have XL setup, while the switch says it’s off. Just enable it again and your good to go.


Ok thanks, I just don’t remember ever installing XL, but I must have hit the switch at some point by accident. Having the Spotify functionality is pretty cool, so I’m glad I did.

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I would explicitly enable it again if I were you, because it will also show the XL specific tab in the webpage.

Hi I just setup a RPi4 with RopieeXL but i cant seem to have Spotify detect it either from my phone or laptop. How can I solve for this. I am on a Trial period using Roon and seems like roon has recognized it but i cant get to play Spotify which is the reason why I chose to go with Ropieee XL. Can you please help?


Hi! Ropieee is fantastic! It works flawlessly! May I request for a Spotify feature which allows volume normalisation. I think the other solutions have done it but Ropieee is most stable and sounds the best among all of them.