Amare Musica Diamond and Roon

Hi, I have the Amare Musica Diamond Server and would like to purchase Roon, but not sure if it is compatible with my server, would like to make sure about it before purchase Roon Rock I7.
Finally, I have no idea about how to setup the server for Roon, so would like to know if any of you have any experience or idea about how to do it.
Thanks for your comments.

Hi @Luis_Dobarro — Thanks for reaching out!

The Amare Musica Diamond Server is not capable of running Roon/RoonServer and, as for audio output, it is not a Roon Ready device.

If you’re interested in learning more about Roon, I definitely recommend checking out our Getting Started Guide.

If you have any other questions please let us know!

Hy Dylan,
The manufacturer told me it was compatible when I purchased it, and there is a person on your site that tells that he has Amare and Roon working, if you search for Amare you will find it, so it seems that he succeed, also Eric from Roon told me that Amare runs Samba and upnp so it should work.
I cannot even get the unit connected to my home network, for some reason I don´t know, I called the person that made a dedicated network for my audio with fiber optics and two converters, one in each end to avoid interferences, The problem is that the technician is expert in commercial networks but not in audio.
May be the unit has some problem, or may be the problem is that I am not an experienced person in the computer area, that is why I spent in a unit that will not require that the user has a strong computer knowledge.
I really would like to get in touch with someone who has the Amare Server and may be he can explain how he did to connect the unit to the network and use Roon.
I know that I have to purchase a Roon CORE, and also know that to connect the Amare to Roon may be not so easy, but I thought that I could have done it, the problem is that the Support from Amare is not good, I’ve been calling and sendind emails to the factory many times and they don´t answer.

Its not a supported piece of hardware as of yet by the looks of things. The thread you are referring to states this. Until its a sanctioned and certified Roon Ready it wont work.

Hi Ryan,

We have been in contact with the Amare Musica team in the past and they have access to our RAAT SDK, but as of yet they have not submitted any devices to be certified as Roon Ready.

It’s weird as there is a dealer with a “what’s new” page saying and showing roon support

The Amare website has no mention of it. Likely the review was from a preproduction model and its failed to meet the Roon Ready status for release.

Really don´t know, I bought it from the factory, It took a lot of time to deliver and after I got it I never could connnect to Internet, and wanted to install Roon, but not sure if it works with Roon, The files that came with it sound really good, also fit and finish is excellent, but support is bad, I’ve been trying to contact them to get some guidance but they don´t answer. I know the owner had some health issues, but it is kind of weird that nobody can help.

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