Amarra integration. Wish you were here

Thanks for hq player integration. I started using with good results, but I have a dream: amarra integration. Why not?


Does Amarra have a Windows version yet ? I can see Amarra for Tidal in Windows, but not the full version.

One of Roon’s design principles is that the user experience should be the same across platforms.

Amarra sQ appears as an available zone. I haven’t experimented with it too much, but it would seem that perhaps it’s already integrated due to how amarra offers itself up as a sound output option (at least on Mac)

Speaking of amarra integration I mean amarra the player and not SQ.
I would like to use amarra for player and roon to choose my music instead of itunes.

The integration of Amarra Symphony with iRC and roon would be the best of both worlds. But, the signs would indicate this will not become a fait accompli. AsQ+ with iRC’s SonicStream is a functioning Zone to work in roon, but it’s not the same experience as Amarra Symphony with iRC.

Amarra Symphony and roon would be the best of both worlds. I appreciate what Jussi Laako has accomplished with HQPlayer. Obviously, my preference is subjective but a highly desirable preference. As a beta tester (volunteer basis) for Amarra products since 2011, the differences between various players can be subtle and the amalgam of players that work together bring the best of each to the listening experience. The symmetry with roon and Amarra Symphony, in my experience, as one members articulates favors roon over iTunes which provides quality rendition, but the UI of roon and the services for information, versatility of operations, UX combined with Amarra Symphony (as I imagine it might be) would be an optimal outcome. I am not at liberty to comment further, but I have experience with roon and a Sonic Studio product other than AsQ+ and the result was very, very good. This indicates to me that Amarra Symphony and roon would take it up several pegs.

As it takes two to tango, the pairing on my dance card will not include roon with Amarra Symphony, anytime in the future. I am resigned to this non-event. C’est domage! Truly. My compliments to roon/HQPlayer for what has been accomplished and the issues attendant with this integration is being sorted out. I own all but one or two of the other latest editions programs and do not regret any of my purchases. The equation for the best of both worlds has elements that work; and I wish another element could be available for this equation.

The music’s the thing; the equipment seduces,

I think I must be missing something here

If Roon itself provides bit perfect output to a device over core audio at its native bitrate.

What benefit do people expect by piping the output through another process?

Genuinely don’t get it

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[quote=“David_Crosbie, post:6, topic:6156”]
What benefit do people expect by piping the output through another process?

Genuinely don’t get it
[/quote]it would seem many are not happy with native playback of an unmolested audio stream and instead prefer to push it through DSP to tune to taste.

Indeed! So I still don’t get it

It’s either perfect or it’s not.

Sounds like the software equivalent of a graphic equaliser.

Yet another request for Amarra integration. Amarra is expensive, so is HQ Player, so I don’t want to make yet another expensive purchase that IMHO doesn’t do what Amarra does

Dear Michael,

Amarra Symphony 3.0 with or without Dirac’s iRC specially engineered for Amarra Symphony as it was known a few years ago, has since morphed into the next iteration. One can visit Sonic Studio’s website for particulars. I mention this as I have been a volunteer beta tester since 2011. Approximately two years ago, I purchased a Lifetime Subscription to roon. And also own HQPlayer and just about all the players save JRiver.
Though I haven’t a clue what the meaning of your post implies. For my part, and purely speculation: If there was ever a time for a possible integration with Sonic Studio’s Amarra and roon, that time has long passed and again with no basis for a reliable prediction, it would seem highly unlikely that roon and Amarra might integrate.
The enjoyment of music has always been my highest criterion as Music’s the thing and the equipment seduces. It would seem that customers derive their enjoyment from different hardware and software which meet their criteria.
In so many ways roon is in a class all its own and with the best support in the business with honorable mention to Damien and Jussi.
It it were possible, ironically, both programs could benefit in ways that each program alone provide a certain reference for the many components of enjoyment of music. Both the engines that drive the enjoyment and the mechanisms of features that convey one’s music library if it were feasible would be a marvelous creation. Alas,
The roads are less travelled as partners…roon is a gift that keeps on giving. Sonic Studio’s Amarra4Luxe is unique sonically.
If my post is not appropriate, please feel free to delete my remarks.
Best, Richard

Hi Richard
I’d just like to be able to use Amarra as the back end player, but use Roon cataloguing and controls etc

Dear Michael,

If only…

If you could see me at the moment, there’s a smile on my face. Cliché Alert: From your lips to G-d’s ear. I thought that was your meaning in the first instance; and, I must admit, that I campaigned to Sonic Studio directly, enthusiastically and to roon indirectly in posts when the subject became a thread a few years back; and there was more interest articulated in what we both still “wish” for. Without giving up a confidence, there was interest on the part of one of the parties who could have made that happen. But we both know the road that possibility took – And the winner is (opening the envelop) “HQPlayer”

With respect to roon’s engineers, I continue to wish for that option, notwithstanding how excellently roon has innovated their unique program and how well the program is maintained; and we customers are supported.

Should circumstances change in the direction of the possible, I am giving notice: My hand (both in fact) is raised in the affirmative just for the record (smile).

Nice chatting with you, Michael. Enjoy the music.