Amarra Symphony with iRC and Roon

I have a lifetime subscription to Roon. I really enjoy the software. I’ve been debating about adding room correction software to my mac to see if i can squeeze a bit more out of my system. I noticed that Amarra is having a Black Friday sale and all of their programs are half off. I was debating about purchasing a Amarra symphony with iRC but wasn’t sure if it was compatible with Roon. Currently I am running Roon server on a mac mini c files on an external thunderbolt drive to an iFI IDSD Micro DAC to an Onkyo AV receiver using the analog inputs in Pure Audio (bypass) to Vandersteen Model 2s. I control the setup from an ipad running the Roon ipad app. Could i use Amarra Symphony c iRC and Roon together or do i need to buy Dirac iRC seperately? Just right now the price of the combo is cheaper than either one alone!!

Hey @Douglasmaurer – not sure how I missed this for so long but wanted to check in. Did you make a decision here? I believe we have a couple of users running Amarra Symphony, but it might be worth checking with Sonic Studios to confirm it’s supported.

Going to move this over to the software section, but let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you. Thanks!

Hi Douglas,

It may be that Richard ( @REShaman ) is able to advise regarding using Amarra and Roon together.

I note just for interest that HQPlayer will be integrated with Roon in the near future and it also contains a convolution engine.

Hello andybob and Douglas,

As a beta tester (volunteer basis) for Sonic Studio since 2011, I am familiar with Amarra Symphony, AsQ+ and Amarra For TIDAL. And early on encouraged Sonic Studio and danny/roon to allow for an integration as I favor Amarra Symphony’s SQ over HQPlayer, which I own and employ along with roon and HQPlayer. In fact I own them all, except I do not employ JRMC (nothing personal) and have NOT updated my Audirvana Plus to their Version 2.XX.

The decision to integrate with HQPlayer became known thereafter. However, Sonic Studio’s AsQ+ with or without iRC works with roon (including iRC), and one can set Sonic Stream as a roon Zone which then allows for AsQ+ features to work with roon including TIDAL/HIFI and iRC which is Dirac SE’s program integrated with Amarra Symphony. I also employ Dirac Live (Full) with roon. iRC is NOT compatible with roon. And filters created with iRC do not work with Dirac Live and vica-versa.

I regret to write that roon and Amarra Symphony DO NOT work together. Wish that were not the case as roon’s UI/UX/EM (enjoyment of music) is incomparable. Recently, wasn’t it Brian who indicated that if roon and other software creators were to agree to a DSP package to allow for the players to work together with the “other” player as the “end point” or perhaps the other way around, that Brian encouraged users to request their application creators to contact roon to work this out. I am all in favor of an association with roon and Amarra Symphony.

At present, Douglas, Amarra Symphony WILL NOT play through roon or roon through Amarra Symphony. iRC is not compatible with roon. Dirac Live is not compatible with Amarra Symphony. Too bad, as we can all have the best of both worlds. I hope Sonic Studio does follow through with roon about the DSP package. So far AsQ+ does work with roon. Of course, Amarra For TIDAL/HIFI/iRC does NOT.

That should cover the subject. As always, I recommend Douglas contact Sonic Studio for the latest news, as I am not able to discuss certain matters outside my relationship as a beta tester for Amarra Symphony. And it is always best to check matters out with the actual source.

To be clear, I have been enjoying and continue to enjoy roon, 1.1.70, Amarra Symphony 3.0.3with iRC, HQPlayer (3.11).


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