Amazed by some users' vast music storage

Nice display and storage unit!!
I used to have that type of system, but the wife said you never play them and don’t have a CD player (and I could not put them anywhere).
I would say I probably had 2500 CDs pre lockdown and I added a lot for various reasons

95% of my CDs are in case logic and Amazon cases in my attic (with the cases thrown out).
But having bought a SACD player this year (and a turn table) I am playing more physical media (mostly vinyl) than for more than anything in the last 25 years.

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9 years ago I moved from an usual studio to one where I had started a gallery with one of my friends. The goal was an empty room. So I did give away all cds (maybe 900), LPs and TT, books, DVDs I never had, the stereo got hosted to a friend, the computer got hosted to my job, gave away or sold all my works, gave away around 5000 photo slides and 1000 photo films together with the b&w photo lab. I moved with 3 backpacks, happy moment. Two years ago got a room in the house as studio, just wanted my old stereo back and here we go… new amp, new speakers, new subs, another new amp, new dac, new preamp, new streamer. Happy moments


Mine are spread around the house in whatever free space I can find. Thank god I don’t use them once ripped as no rhyme not reason to where they are these days.

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Today I have 8,473 albums. Mostly FLAC, CD quality, some hi-res downloads and some lossy files. About 6,000 of those I own and ripped. The rest are purchased downloads (which I have preferred for several years) or legally free downloads (, etc.). All this takes a bit over 3GB of space.

I used “jewel sleeves” and storage cases/cabinets that can get about 1,000 CDs in a 3ft x 3ft space. Once ripped I never play or look at the CD again. But I can’t bear to part with them (ultimate backup and of course there’s the legal issues about keeping CD if you keep digital rip, which I’m not actually worried about).

Here’s a picture (not mine) of 2,000 CD cases, with the CDs now inside the two 3x3 cabinets.


My Roon library has about 3,700 albums in it (47,000 tracks), of which 1,500 are from my Tidal collection. The rest are a combination of CD rips and purchased digital downloads (I’m guessing about 1,400 CD rips and 800 downloads). Of the 800 or so digital downloads 400 are hi-res (well, 24 bit) and I have about a dozen albums in DSD. All that takes up about 1.7TB on my Synology NAS (out of 8TB capacity). I also have a couple of hundred vinyl LPs from a lifetime ago, but nothing to play them on. I never play the CDs any more, but like others won’t give them up.

Having just moved house with my extensive photo book collection (not to mention my own photo archives in the form of prints, negs, and tear sheets) I have to say I’m a bit envious of your position (and I love books, more even than music).

If you are asking me (since your post follows mine):
No more LPs or CDs or DVD-As or SACDs. All ripped and mostly gone.

Currently, I have ~6,000 albums, ~84,000 tracks, ~37Tb on NAS.
Large capacity needed due to the predominance of high resolution multichannel files.

So far, only beginning to rip BluRay discs and this will eventually demand a huge expansion of storage space.

John Peel is legend, especially in the UK. I grew up listening to him and his spot on critic/recommendations.


John Peel, those were the days ! I started collecting LPs when I was 15 or so, but I have bought and sold through the years, and I very nearly lost them all, because I just couldn’t drag them around with me.

Then started with CDs, I suppose I am at 1500 +/-, but increasingly have bought downloads. I just can’t get over those old habits of buying music rather than renting it.

I’m pretty sure Roon’s integration of Qobuz is going to be a game changer for me.


That’s what Attic’s or garages are for :grin:

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John Peel got so many new acts some airtime over the years who have since become well known.

I don’t have a garage anymore you know that. My attic however is calling but needs a clear out it’s a technology grave yard, 20 years of redundant tech up there.

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Ah Yes I forgot about garage conversion.
I started emptying my attic out back in November when the vinyl finally came down.
Seriously how many Blue-rays players, DVD players and VCRs do I need to store up there :grimacing:


Sounds like mine.

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Well I have a lot of work emptying my attic ahead of me and sounds like you probably have the same

It has been discussed as a project for the new year. Lots of old kids stuff to we need to rehome.

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yeah, that’s what I’m thinking is the big difference in this.

I did pretty much the same thing a few years ago. Reduced my CD storage requirements by about 67%. Not that I ever play CDs but it’s nice to have the covers and jackets available for reference.

With respect to LPs, in the early days of CDs when everyone was in a hurry to replace their vinyl with those shiny silver discs I just upgraded my turntable. Now that almost all new vinyl (new recordings and reissues) has some form of digital in the food chain my collection of over 3,000 mostly all analog LPs is looking and sounding mighty sweet. :smile:

Oh by the way, anyone with a subscription to any streaming music service now has unlimited access to a vast library of recordings so both physical and file based collections are not as important as they once were.


Oh my :scream: Just read the details from you link. Not sure what to say, other than I would get a divorce immediately :grinning: :rofl:

Ahem, 6000 CD’s would take up a lot of boxes AND would be heavy as hell. I’m not getting in the middle of a marital incident, but I’m not buying how one would mistake them for boxes of toys. :wink: :man_shrugging:

Oh well, I guess one less thing to move/maintain. Although, now you have the upper hand - if it were me, I’d be looking at some new $$ audio gear as a post traumatic accommodation :metal: :smile:

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Buy a flat roof house - No Attic :yum:

It’s painful at times absolutely nowhere to stash original boxes from hi fi bits etc. The garage has to pretty tidy if not to be used as a dumping ground

I got a really good clear out when we moved UK to South Africa a 20 foot container concentrates the mind “when did you last read it , when did you last listen to it , when did you last use it etc”

And another when we decided to downsize just before COVID struck , the move never happened but the clear out did