Amazing Community

Yes, its another one of those gushing threads, but yet again I find myself amazed and grateful for the level of support offered by this community. I am not particularly technically adept, but I love tinkering to make those incremental improvements to my setup. This tinkering would have led me to several unsolvable disasters had it not been for the prompt support and advice I have received through this forum. It should also be said there is never a hint of condescension no matter how dumb the question.

To all of the guys in support, and to our excellent moderators, I thank you


Thanks Paul!

Couldn’t agree more.

The tone of this community is really something special compared to other places. Most people come here with the mindset that they want to understand and not just disagree for the sake of disagreeing or brushing off ego. Even when this is not the case with new users complaining or using a harsh tone, the moderators possess endless patience keeping their eye on the actual problem not the tone. This in my experience is rare online and I think it’s very valuable.

So keep up the good work. It’s a joy to come here:)